This Flip case is considered as the simple yet functional and very fast way of protecting your iPad 2. It slides the iPad 2 with ease through the express iPad 2 case into the flap at the side and provides security with its magnetic fastener when closed. It is easy to use because it provides no fasteners or attachments which usually take some additional time. Once you closed it you pick it up and you are ready to go. No time wasted fixing on any attachment. The Express – iPad 2 nylon case is made from black ballistic nylon. This features soft, protected interior to guard the iPad 2 from dents, scratches impacts and mild shocks. It comes in stylish plastic fiber of black color that repels dirt, water and other damages. The Express –iPad 2 case is a great value for your money.

The Express Nylon Flip Case Features:

  1. It has magnetic fasteners for the easy and quick use
  2. The magnetic closure keeps the iPad secure when closed
  3. It has a large flap at the side for easy access
  4. The protective nylon of black color exterior resists water and dirt
  5. The soft interior protects the iPad 2 screen from any damages
  6. You can easily access to the charging/syncing when closed
  7. It provides protection against impact
  8. Slim and trim, great for travelling
  9. The dimension of the unit is 8” W x 9.75”H
  10. Case – Mate offers a 90 day limited warranty