This case uses magnets inside to help your device stay snugly secured and the aluminum hinge magnetically aligns the smart cover to the device creating the perfect fit for the I pad 2.When you open the cover your device will wake up and when you close the cover it will make your device go into a power down mode.

This makes using the device much easier than doing it manually. Imagine that you will no longer have to pay attention to the tablets’ buttons all you have to do is open or close this cover to obtain the status you call for at that direct moment.

Ipad 2 Smart Cover Leather Tan Features:

  1. The magnets keep things in place
  2. microfiber lining keeps screen protected and clean
  3. thin design
  4. full access to all features of the device
  5. versatile
  6. open to wake device
  7. close to put device to sleep

This compressed and long-wearing cover is a lot more than just a case. This cover is purposely designed to be the ideal match to the Ipad 2. The thin durable cover protects your Ipad2 screen while the tablet is able to still look and feel like the Ipad2. The micro fiber lining keeps your screen safe from mars and smears. You can fold back the cover to create an easy writing stand for your device as well as be able to fold it in the right position to be the perfect stand for your device in either position.