The Eco-vue iPad 2 Black Leather is a protective case for your iPad device. It is stylish and the black color gives it extra beauty. The Eco-vue iPad 2 Black Leather is made for people who love fashion and are sensible to the environment.

Eco-vue Black Leather Case Features


Eco-vue iPad 2 Black Leather is made or eco-leather, which is tanned using eco-friendly materials. The tanning process of the leather does not use petroleum or chemical based dyes. Sulfuric acid and chlorine are not used in the tanning process, meaning that, no toxins will be released into the atmosphere.


The black color of the Eco-vue iPad 2 Black Leather makes it looks beautiful, matching every dress code. The black color is also dirt resistant and so it looks now at all times. All you need is to give it a gentle wipe once a while and that will be it.

Easy access

With the Eco-vue iPad 2 Black Leather, you have easy access to all the ports and buttons on your iPad device. You do not need to remove the case to get to the charging port for instance or have access to touch any of the buttons. You do everything whiles the case is still on. A camera hole is also cut at the back to allow you use your camera as well.

Easy handling

Eco-vue iPad 2 Black Leather is made with an elastic strap, which makes it easy to open and close. The hand strap is also designed to make it easy to handle the iPad. The fold-over also keeps the iPad in place at all times.

Interior Design

The interior is designed with pockets where you can keep documents and other stuff. The interior is also made of soft suede material to ensure the safety of your iPad 2.