Apple´s stylish iPad 2 screen protector, iPad 2 Polyurethane Smart Cover, has shown to be a hit among early users. But the intrusive folks wanted to understand, “How does it work?, so they took it apart to find out.

Apple iPad 2 Polyurethane Smart Cover – Orange details:

  1. More than cover, the polyurethane smart case was designed next to the device to be its right counterpart. Crafted actually for iPad 2, Apple iPad 2 Smart Cover – Orange proves that easy solution is more normal than not, the excellent solution.
  2. The Apple iPad 2 Smart Cover – Orange employs magnets to guard the iPad 2´s screen with a right fit. When in make use of polyurethane smart cover works as stand for device, utilizing a good yet simple fold pattern.
  3. Apple iPad 2 Smart Cover – Orange is kept tightly in place by the built in magnets in the iPad 2´s frame. When you do not desire to employ the cover, simply fold it out of the way like a book – or just detach it totally.
  4. Nevertheless, it does not stop there as the Apple iPad 2 Cover – Orange will also call your iPad 2 from the mode of sleep. – An energy saving and a real time benefit. Additionally, you can bend the cover into different formats that will make your device even more users friendly. It can quickly be fixed into an easy to type stand for a more pleasurable position for your hands.