The Apple iPad 2 Polyurethane Smart Cover – Green is an intelligent case specially made for your iPad 2. It puts the iPad 2 in sleep mode when closed and wakes it up when open.

Green Polyurethane Smart Cover Features:


The elegant polyurethane design gives your iPad 2 extra styles and the green color adds beauty to the elegance. The thin nature of the case makes it blend perfectly with your device.


Do you want to watch a movie or type your documents? This case can stand your iPad 2 in the position you want. Just fold it back to any angle you want.


You can carry your iPad 2 around without worrying about scratches on the screen, thanks to the iPad 2 Polyurethane Smart Cover – Green. The case is thin and so is portable in your purse or hand bag.

Quality material

This case is made from the highest quality polyurethane and is scratch resistant. It is durable and lasts the entire life of your iPad 2.


The side of the Apple iPad 2 Polyurethane Smart Cover – Green is made of aluminum hinges which are held in place by magnets in the device


  1. It is Thin and light weight
  2. It is easy to Easy to fix on the iPad 2
  3. Acts as keypad or movies stand
  4. Highest quality polyurethane material
  5. Intelligent

In short, we can say that it is very much useful for any kind of user.